Founded in 2014, LHC is the leading organization for the preservation of Latina/o places, stories, and cultural heritage in the United States. We are a diverse network of intergenerational advocates conserving Latina/o sites and living cultures in the fabric of American society, affirming the value of our history in the hemispheric struggle for social justice.


Latinos in Heritage Conservation will be a thoughtful and influential leader in the field of heritage conservation in the United States and beyond. We envision a nation that values Latino history and recognizes it as a part of the greater American story. By building a wide and diverse network of advocates who believe in preserving Latino history and places, the field of heritage conservation will be more inclusive and representative of the country’s Latino population.

  1. To develop a national community of Latino preservationists that share knowledge and respond to calls-to-action. 

  2. To build the capacity of Latino communities engaging in preservation work at the local, state, and national levels.

  3. To advocate for policy change at all levels of government that will work to preserve Latino heritage.

  4. To develop sources of funding for the identification, documentation, (re)interpretation, and promotion of historic sites that are associated with Latino history.

  5. To promote the development of educational curriculum and programming focused on Latino heritage and historic sites.

  6. To broadcast nationally the work of LHC members and others who are working to sustain Latino heritage.


The LHC Board of Directors consists of 11 members dedicated to conserving Latino heritage nationwide.  

LHC Board of Directors

Front: Moira Nadal, Laura Dominguez, Sehila Mota Casper, Josephine Talamantez, and Desiree Smith. Back: Betty Villegas, Leonor Perez, Ray Rast, Sarah Zenaida Gould, Antonia Castaneda, Ed Torrez, and Marta Martinez.

Board of Directors not pictured: Sara Delgaldillo Cruz


Established in 2014, Latinos in Heritage Conservation is a national organization dedicated to promoting Latino leadership and engagement in historic preservation.


For questions about LHC, learning how to engage with our organization, and media inquiries, please email 


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