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Field Sessions

Congreso 2022

Both Field Sessions will depart the History Colorado Center at 2:30 and return attendees to the same location. Pick-up and arrival location is located between N. Broadway and Lincoln Street. Please see the registration desk if you would like to change or register for one of the tours.

1. Denver’s Art and Historic District on Santa Fe Drive

Bus Pick-Up: 5:00 p.m.

The Art District on Santa Fe is one of Colorado’s designated Creative Districts, and a nationally known arts and cultural district, encompassing more than 30 art galleries, studios and innovative businesses. The neighborhood’s traditionally Latinx roots are evident around every corner, from colorful murals and the exhibitions at Museo de las Americas, to the Latinx influence on the neighborhood’s restaurants and theaters. This tour will visit three sites along Santa Fe Drive and will include The John “Thunderbird Man” Emhoolah, Jr. Branch Library, Su Teatro Cultural & Performing Arts Center, and the Aztlan Theatre.

2. La Alma Lincoln Park Historic Cultural District: Architecture, Art, & Community Preservation

Bus Pick-Up: 5:00 p.m.

Denver’s Westside has layers of history–from Indigenous land, to early city-building to the birth of Denver’s Chicano/a Movement. This tour will highlight these layers, with particular focus on how the tangible and intangible history is related, the buildings that tell important stories, the cherished Chicano/a murals, as well as the effort to amplify and protect these elements through an innovative historic cultural district designation, approved in 2021. Participants will meet local advocates and artists, and hear the stories of the neighborhood’s Chicano/a leaders. As one of the first local historic districts in the nation to celebrate Chicano history, the tour will also highlight the innovative ways the project pushed preservation boundaries to meet the needs of the community.


Lucha Martinez de Luna, Chican@ Murals of Colorado Project

Ean Tafoya, Historic Denver Board Member

Annie Levinsky, Historic Denver

Mia Martinez Lopez, Principal, West High School

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