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Muchas Gracias for being a part of our historia

Without our Founding Members and our donors, accomplishing and pursuing our sueños would not be possible.

Thank you for all your support!


Founding Members

During Congreso 2022, Latinos in Heritage Conservation piloted our membership program by offering LHC Founding Members. LHC wishes to acknowledge the generosity and express our appreciation to all the following Founding Members who have become a part of LHC’s historia

Adrianna Abarca
Alejandra Pena
Alisha Vasquez
Alison Garcia Kellar
Amy Webb
Andrese Borunda
Diana Cambronero Venegas
Ean Thomas Tafoya
Echo Uribe
Eric Munoz
Graciela Sanchez
Josephine S. Talamantez
Jozette Atencio Sandoval
Kerri Young
Laura Navar
Linda Arroyo Holmstrom
Lucha Martinez De Luna
Mikaela Selley
Moira Nadal
Patrick Eidman
Raymond Rast
Sara Delgadillo
Sarah Gould
Steven Moreno-Terrill

Tiffany Narváez Jauregui


A very special thank you to partners that have made our work, the Abuelas Project,

and the Latinx Preservation Advocacy Toolkit


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