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Why It Matters:

Through the Preservation Toolkit, LHC will empower communities across the nation, leaving legacy footprints and semillas sembradas (sown seeds) to create a more just future. LHC's Toolkit is more than just a resource; it's a catalyst for change.

Stay tuned for the Latinx Preservation Toolkit – coming soon!


Latinx Preservation Toolkit

Our Historia, Our Futuro


Empowering Communities

Our aim is to empower Latinx community members and organizations, both in urban and rural areas, to lead the charge in protecting their communities and sacred sites. Through community workshops, we will celebrate the significance of historic preservation, storytelling, and Latinx culture, nurturing a new generation of heritage stewards.


Community-Led Preservation

Our goal is to empower Latinx community members and organizations to become leaders in safeguarding their communities and preserving their cherished sites. We strive to equip Latinx communities with the necessary tools to protect their heritage sites and neighborhoods and document their unique and storied histories.


Preserving Our Stories

We will inspire participants to delve into their own histories and empower them to use their voices to share their distinctive narratives, thus reinforcing the bonds between place, the past, and the future. This approach promotes inclusivity within the heritage field and ignites enthusiasm for active community involvement.


Educating and Inspiring Future Generations

Through partnerships with school districts, we'll conduct teacher professional development trainings, enabling educators to seamlessly integrate Latinx heritage and preservation into K-12 and higher education curricula. LHC will motivate emerging professionals and community members, igniting a passion for preservation and encouraging them to explore meaningful careers in the preservation field.


Community Oral Histories

Throughout the construction of the Toolkit, LHC will be conducting oral histories of community members who played a critical role in preserving Latinx sites across the county. The oral histories will create a short documentary videos to highlight preservation efforts in the U.S. through collaborative community preservation efforts. 

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