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Latinos in Heritage Conservation Announces Appointment of Three New Board Members

10 JAN 2023

Media Contact:

Jasmine Morales

Latinos in Heritage Conservation Announces Appointment of Three New Board Members

The nonprofit’s Board of Directors reflects the diversity of the nation’s Latinx heritage.

Tucson, AZ—January 9, 2023—Latinos in Heritage Conservation (LHC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, today announced their newly elected board members beginning in 2023. During the final board meeting of 2022, LHC elected Moira B. Nadal, Tiffany Narváez, and Diego Robayo to the Board of Directors.

“The Nomination Committee is in full support of these nominees as they each represent the board's recruitment priorities which call for increasing the number of practitioners, advocates, and diverse voices in the preservation field,” said Marta V. Martínez, co-chair of the LHC Nominating Committee. "This includes recruiting and inviting emerging leaders onto our board and diversifying it in terms of gender, age, and geographic representation.”

“It is an honor to welcome back former LHC co-chair and board member, Moira Nadal,” said LHC’s co-chairs, Desiree Aranda and Sarah Gould. “We are grateful for her continued dedication to our mission and look forward to working with her once again as we continue to improve our work in preserving Latinx heritage.”  Moira grew up in both New Orleans, LA and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She currently serves as Historic Preservation Specialist at the District of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Office. Previously, she worked at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, and Heritage Consulting Inc.

“Tiffany brings a wealth of experience in marketing and fundraising to LHC, which are underrepresented skillsets on our Board," said Laura Dominguez, LHC board member and chair of the Education Committee. “As the daughter of Peruvian immigrants, she also brings a different cultural sensibility to our work, helping LHC expand its reach beyond the experience of ethnic Mexicans in the Southwest.” Before becoming an independent consultant, Tiffany led marketing efforts for the Los Angeles Conservancy, one of the nation’s leading historic preservation nonprofits. Her work included media and community outreach to inform the public about legislative issues threatening historic buildings.

“Diego Robayo will contribute to LHC’s mission to preserve Latinx history and culture from New York City, where he actively contributes and facilitates preservation activities for the city’s predominantly Spanish-speaking communities, specifically in The Bronx and Upper Manhattan,” said Sehila Mota Casper, LHC executive director. Diego handles helping NYC’s Latinx communities preserve the historic elements of the built environment for the Historic Districts Council, where he serves as the Public Relations Specialist for Hispanic Communities. Diego currently serves on the board of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center.

LHC would also like to recognize our returning Board members: Desiree Aranda, Sara Delgadillo, Valerie Delgadillo, Laura Dominguez, Annalisa Escobedo, Sarah Gould, PhD, Marta Martinez, Steven Moreno-Terrill, Ray Rast, PhD, Edward Torrez, and Betty Villegas.

About Latinos in Heritage Conservation

Founded in 2014, Latinos in Heritage Conservation is the leading nonprofit organization for the preservation of Latinx places, stories, and cultural heritage in the United States. Latinos in Heritage Conservation envisions a just world that values Latinx heritage, people, and places. It is building a movement that affirms Latinx heritage through education, conservation, and leadership development.

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