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Latinos in Heritage Conservation Announces New Congreso 2024 Location

22 AUG 2023


Press Contact: Amairani Perez Chamu, Media Strategist | (918) 313-5365



The biennial conference on heritage conservation will take place in San Diego, California.

NATIONAL - In a bold and principled move, Latinos in Heritage Conservation (LHC), a 501c3 nonprofit championing Latinx engagement in historic preservation, has made a pivotal decision to relocate their biennial conference, Congreso, from Miami, Florida, to San Diego, California, in solidarity with affected communities living in Florida.

The strategic shift is in response to Florida's contentious socio-political environment, marked by attacks on immigrant communities and women, enacted anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and diluting the generations-long struggle for freedom, equality, and inclusion within Florida’s educational curriculum. As a resounding assertion of the organization’s values, Congreso’s relocation to San Diego embodies LHC's commitment to inclusivity and reflects the core tenets at the heart of their mission.

"Miami is a Latinx heritage center, and while the initial decision to choose Miami was met with excitement, our goal is to ensure that our members feel safe, valued, and empowered during Congreso 2024,” says Sehila Mota Casper, executive director of Latinos in Heritage Conservation. “Given the existing concerns related to the political climate, we believe that relocating to San Diego will better serve the needs of our community and uphold the grassroots spirit that our events embody.” LHC's dedicated staff and Board of Directors carefully considered and approved the decision to relocate.

LHC remains committed to creating a space where Latinx heritage can be celebrated and without fears for participant safety or acceptance in the host state.

“In solidarity with the communities in Florida, we pledge to continue advocating nationally for inclusive representation in heritage conservation,” says Desiree Aranda, chair of the Board of Directors for Latinos in Heritage Conservation. “We are steadfast in our commitment to advancing inclusive narratives and ensuring that every voice and history is valued."

As the only conference of its kind, Congreso offers three days solely focused on Latinx heritage and explores multiple perspectives to ignite the next wave of Latinx historic preservation.

Congreso 2024 holds special significance as it marks the 10th anniversary of LHC’s founding.

For future partnerships in California, the organization remains open to working with organizations and spaces that share a commitment to the safety and well-being of Latinxs with an interest in preserving Latinx heritage.

Founded in 2014, Latinos in Heritage Conservation is the leading nonprofit organization for preserving Latinx places, stories, and cultural heritage in the United States. We are a diverse network of intergenerational advocates conserving Latinx sites and living cultures in the fabric of American society, affirming the value of our history in the hemispheric struggle for social justice. For more information, visit

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